Would you like to host our next tutorial video?

Would you like to host our next tutorial video?

I've been entertaining the idea of opening up the stage to more creative people through my tutorial videos for a while now. It's spring again. As my garden roses all wake up and start to bloom so beautifully, I think it's time to announce this idea to you all.

Delectable Flowers is inviting you to be the next tutorial video host!

I recorded two collaborative tutorial videos with Andrea Ma (age 12) last year. If you haven't seen them, check out the following two links.

One video was co-hosted by both Andrea and me, in which I was teaching Andrea how to arrange a flower box, and she was doing it step by step. The other video, however, I didn't show up, only guided her along all the steps right behind the camera. Andrea did a great job and we had lots of fun. I trust that many of you would enjoy this and find it thrilling to record a tutorial video. 

If you're interested in being a host, here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit our website and fill out our application form. One of the things you need to do is to send us a clip of video of you talking to the camera (30-60 sec long). 

2. Once I receive your information, I'll contact you to arrange a time for you to visit our studio in Burbank, CA and we will record one tutorial on that day. You have the choice of co-hosting with me, or being a solo host after a brief interview by me.

3. For the taping, you will bring all the flowers you wish to use, and I will provide a DIY kit for free to you. You do need to take care of your own transportation to and from our studio. 

4. All videos footages are copyrights of Delectable Flowers and will be edited by Delectable Flowers, and final tutorial will be sent to you one week before they're published. 

5. We ask that you post this video to as many social media channel as possible. Share them with friends and family. Maybe they haven't seen this side of you! :)

If you have any questions, remember you can always drop us a note at DelectableFlowers@gmail.com. 

Note: Each recording session is about one hour long. Please arrive on time. We will finish the whole working session with you in one hour and half.



Valentine's Day In a Box

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, we created a dramatic arrangement for this very special day. Below is a video of how we did it.

In our daily life, whether it's home decor or fashion, we rarely put color red and purple together. But it works when it comes to flowers. Spacing the two color with some rich green and fuchsia. You have a very powerful and stunning color palette.

I hope you enjoy the video below! Have a very creative Valentine's Day this year.  :)

Flower Box vs. Traditional Arrangement

After making flower boxes for a year, I thought to share some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of flower box arrangements v.s. traditional arrangements in vases or a bouquet.

Box Arrangements:


1) Portability. It's so convenient to carry a gift box around comparing to flowers in a vase. Much less messy.

2) Flowers stay fresh longer. Shorter stems help flower hydrate better. 

3) A Gift of surprise. The moment of opening the gift box, the beautiful flowers will warm the heart of anyone. Definitely take them by surprise.

4) Can be stored in the fridge to elongate the freshness of the flowers. So you can make it in advance.


1) Limited flower selections. Many times, I had to pass certain flowers because their sizes are not suitable for the box.

2) Can't decorate space like a vase arrangement. 

Arrangement in a Vase


1) Make a statement for the space. Arrangement in a vase can be made to any sizes. It decorates a space like no others. 

2) Can select any flowers, no limitation of selecting flowers.


1) Transporting a bouquet or a flower arrangement in a vase can be very messy.

2) Cannot store the flowers at home. 

These are just some of my thoughts. I hope this helps you decide which form of flower arrangement is suitable for what you want to achieve.

How to make a flower box - for beginners

Thanksgiving is coming soon. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or a fun home-decor project, this flower box DIY project is perfect!  

Please also refer to my tutorial video - a quick overview for making this simple flower box. The flowers used in the video were from a local farmers market. I spent $15 on all of them. They are: orange roses,  orange lisianthus, green dianthus, and some green leaves from my house plant.

With the Delectable DIY kit, it's very simply.

Step one: Add water to the box.

Since the DIY kit comes with flower foam pre-cut and fit into the box , and it's water proof at the bottom, all you need to do is to add 4 cups of water to the flower foam.

* Note, if you make your own flower box from scratch. I suggest that you cut the foam to the right shape/size for the box, and submerge the foam under water for at least 5 minutes, making sure it's well soaked. And then putting it into the box, after properly lining the bottom with water proof materials such as plastic cellophane.

Step two: Cut flowers to the same length

The Delectable DIY kit comes with a special ruler card for measuring the flowers and stems. If you don't have a DIY kit, measure an appropriate length for properly displaying the arrangement, and then cut.

Step three: Arrange flowers in order

This is where it gets really fun, artistic and creative., which also means it could be a little intimidating for beginners. You can follow my steps here or you can come up with your own way of arranging. There's no right answers. Just what looks pretty to you. 

My typical procedure is:

1) Put in background flowers (green dianthus in the video). This helps to cover up lots of green foam.

2) Insert main flowers (orange roses). This helps to determine the focal point of the arrangement. 

3) Plug in secondary flowers (orange lisianthus). They add another dimension to the arrangement. Arrangement should be 90% full after this step.

4) Complete the look with green leaves or small filler flowers (green leaves). This will make the arrangement look full and professional.

Alright, this is all of my most important secrets. :) I hope you find them helpful.

Please also support by subscribing to my Youtube channel and checking out our DIY kit.


How to select flowers for flower box arrangements

As I was introducing the DIY kit to some new friends, they asked me how to select flowers when going to a market. So let's look at some of the flowers that I think are suitable for making a flower box.

1. Good coverage.

Selecting flowers that provide good coverage will save you time during the arranging process. So you actually enjoy making your flower box, rather than running out of patience first.

2. Intersting petals

For the main flowers, I like to work with flowers that have many layers of petals, such as roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, and dahlias. The combination of the different textures of flower petals create a sophisticated and professional look.  

3. Background and filler flowers

It's important that all green foam in the box are hidden. This is the step that may take you some time, but the "tedious work" is crucial to achieve that professional look. 

To hide the foam well, you need flowers or leaves that offer good coverage. A good example would be hydrangeas. Especially because hydrangeas come in many colors: white, green, pink, purple, and blue. They can also be cut into any sizes of clusters, which makes them easy to work with. Viburnum is another good option. 

In terms of quantity, pick 4-6 different flowers in total for one box flower arrangement. It can be broken down to 2-3 kinds of main flowers, than 2-3 types of background/filler flowers.

(Note: When I say different flowers, I mean if they come in different colors, sizes, or shapes, then they're different.)

Tips to save money on buying flowers:

As your filler flowers, often what you need is a variety of flowers at small quantities. One economic way to achieve this is to get a mixed bouquet that has 2-3 kind of flowers you want. This will save you money from buying a dozen of one type of filler flower. So you get to play with a variety of flowers at a fraction of the cost. 

Making your cut flowers last twice as long!

Giving a flower gift is easy, especially in the internet era. But does your gift stand out? 

Flower quality is the number one and most important aspect of a flower gift. I've seen people giving a flower bouquet that's less than fresh. In my mind, I ask "why bother... Would you bring a cake that's already molded to a party? "

So where to get fresh flowers?

The best place to get fresh flowers for us "regular people" is a local flower market or farmers market. These places actually sell flowers so fast that they can provide freshly cut flowers on a daily basis... or at least a couple times a week. The more you go to these places, the more you'll be able to tell which one is fresh simply by looking at them.

The worst place to get quality flowers is grocery stores. No offense. Since they don't sell much, the flowers could sit on the shelf for a long time... They look decent purely because they've been sitting in a super cold cooler the entire time. The moment you take them home, and let them sit in regular room temperature, the flowers will get tired. From that point and on, it starts to go down hill.

That's why usually the flowers from these markets can't last longer than 3 days. Changing water daily and giving it flower food doesn't seem to be able to "save" them. 

I did an experiment. I bought a dozen roses from a local grocery store. The one left in the vase is gone by day 4, and ones in the flower box are still going strong. This photo was taken on day 6. If I can get grocery flowers to last for 6 days, I'm happy. It's twice as long as their normal lifespan already.

I was quite shocked by the result, frankly. I knew the hydration of flowers is crucial for keeping them fresh and alive, and I knew that the stem length affects the hydration directly. But I honestly didn't imagine the difference could be so dramatic.

Not to brag, but isn't this a compelling reason for you to start arranging flowers in boxes? 

Would love to hear what you all think...  :)


How it all began...

It's been a few months since Delectable Flowers' website went live. My wish of writing this blog was always there, but I didn't know where and how to start ...

It's 5:30 am in LA. I could no longer sleep due to jet lag. I put on my ear phones and hit the play button of my Pandora "Nouvelle Vague" station.

It just occurred to me that, rather than trying to be the "expert" teaching people "how to", I'd rather be more authentic and simply write about my journey of creating flower boxes. Hopefully, people who share similar passion for flowers arranging would find this helpful.  

So here's how it all began...

In preparation for my wedding in 2013, I decided to arrange flowers for my special day... all of it... the center pieces, the flowery archway, the bouquets and boutonnieres. I went to classes and read many books. With much thinking, observations, and practices, I did it. It was a beautiful day, accompanied by a mini ocean of beautiful flowers.

I continued arranging flowers after that.

The flower box idea was inspired by Japanese florists. You can find their works all over the internet, and they're breathtakingly beautiful. 

I often feel the gesture of buying and giving flowers is becoming an expected routine on commercial holidays. It's getting dull and less special. Weather you order online or buying from a store, it's rare to find something truly impressive and beautiful . 

I, being a flower snob, want to change that.

I've been creating flower boxes for over a year now. While I can hardly claim to be an expert, I do love every moment of creating them, from start to finish. When you put your heart into it, you can get good quickly. So go on and read my other posts if you also like flowers, love life and appreciate the beautiful things in life.

Cheers! :)